Company profile

Huchtemeier is a traditional family company with more than 120 years of history.

Since 1959 it is owned and run by family Voßschulte in Dortmund, Germany.


Today we are focussing on tissue-products and raw-materials. We are supplying wholesalers with hygiene-paper and napkins

and we are supplying the tissue-industry with raw-materials and semi-finished products. Frequently Huchtemeier acts as sub-contractor for multinational tissue-cooperations.


Our strength is a lean and flexible operation. This guarantees best value for our customers. We are able to customize private- and white-lable-products already in small batch-sizes. Huchtemeier avoids any organizational waste, not contributing to our customers’ benefits. We translate our cost-efficient production into price-efficient products.


Our production is decentralized with local partnerships, mainly in Eastern Europe.


There we are taking care of sourcing, production planning, logistics, quality management, warehousing and machinery investments.

Center of our strategy is one of the best-developed networks within Europe’s tissue-industry. It is our goal to maintain business relations to every European tissue-company. We want to be Europe’s No. 1 in tissue, when it comes to fast and customized solutions.


A few figures


In 2019 Huchtemeier's turnover was 40 Mio €.

In our headquarter in Dortmund we currently employ 38 people.

Last year we moved goods across 18 countries.

Company history

1895 Huchtemeier is founded as a collection plant for recycled paper
1959 Huchtemeier is taken over by Dr. Voßschulte as a paper recycling company
1965 Import and production activities begin
Huchtemeier takes over various paper processing plants in Germany
1982 Huchtemeier’s first tissue processing in a joint venture with a GDR state combine in Grimma/Saxony

Huchtemeier forms the “Public Private Partnership DOREG” DOREG with the City of Dortmund as a municipal paper disposal contractor

1989 Tissue processing is shifted to Polish state-owned enterprises in Kostrzyn (Pomerania) and Klucze (Silesia)
1992 Huchtemeier takes over the Hanke Tissue Sp.zo.o paper factory in Kostrzyn (PL)
1999 The Austrian pulp group HEINZEL AG joins Huchtemeier

The family of Dr. Voßschulte and Heinzel AG sell the majority of the shares to MBB Industries AG

2007 Huchtemeier Recycling (Hamm) is sold to the Tönnsmeier Group
2011 The Voßschulte family reacquires the MBB shares in Huchtemeier Papier GmbH and takes over the group’s activities with professional customers
2011 The Huchtemeier Polska HPL Sp.zo.o production company is founded together with the Wesierski family in Witnica
2011 The Huchtemeier Hungary production company is founded in Fertöszeplak
2012 Huchtemeier Hungary starts up the production of printed HoReCa napkins