Tissue base paper

Procurement service for tissue processors

Our raw materials team provides mother rolls to tissue processors in Central Europe and our company’s own processing facilities. We produce these for every kind of final product.


Besides standard tissue qualities for hygiene products and napkins, we also supply “tailor-made” semi-finished products for many special applications in industry, medicine, agriculture and gastronomy. We have contracts with many smaller and medium-sized manufacturers for use of their paper machines and can deliver quickly and flexibly.


Marketing and logistics services for tissue producers

We open up new markets to paper producers which had not been their focus before. We make our tissue producers aware of the requirements of independent and industrial processors.


In case of surplus capacity in the industry we help increase utilization of paper machines within our network.


Huchtemeier Papier has traditionally been strongly represented not only in the German market and the Benelux countries but also especially in Eastern Europe. In that region, besides logistics and invoicing, we also handle del credere risk, and, if necessary, customs clearance for our tissue producers.


We’ll be happy discuss a variety of configurations with you in terms of materials, colours and how the design is implemented, as well as for packaging.


Please contact us; we’ll be happy to help.


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