Custom printed tissue products

We will produce custom printed tissue products for you such as toilet paper, kitchen paper rolls, paper towel rolls, napkins and wiping paper rolls:


Your own individual print design with up to 2 colours and up to 80 custom designs!


TOPA 2 and 3-ply, 4-packs, 250 or 400 sheets/roll, 10,000 rolls and up

Kitchen rolls, 2 and-3 ply, 2-packs, 50 sheets/roll, 5,000 rolls and up

We’ll be happy discuss a variety of configurations with you in terms of materials, colours and how the design is implemented, as well as for packaging.


Please contact us; we’ll be happy to help.


Sven Blomberg

+49 (231) 4494 -231

Jenny Mende

+49 (231) 4494 -231